Somelines about Chebache

Chebache is a dynamic and exciting new board game balancing strategy and chance (for 2 players, ages 10 & up; 45 min. avg. game play).
Inspired by the classic games Checkers, Backgammon and Chess, Chebache unites familiar elements of these classics while offering many unique modes of play. Players of these classic games will recognize these similar concepts when playing Chebache. (Click on heading link for more info. on these games.) Checkers: Moving pieces in a diagonal direction from square to square. Direct verticle or horizontal moves are not allowed. Jumping pieces diagonally over other pieces in a jump or sequence of jumps, for both movement and strategic positioning. King pieces that may move or jump forward or backward. Backgammon: Moving pieces, according to die rolls, along a defined path towards a finish to win, Sending opposing pieces back by landing on them, Controlling spaces to restrict the opponent's movement, Rolling doubles allows double the movement Chess: The concept of check as a means for threatening their opponent's pieces to gain major strategic advantage by putting them on the defensive, The concept of checkmate as one way to win the game. Compare: The Chebache board layout and setup with the Backgammon board layout and setup, as well as, Chess setup and Checkers setup. See how easy it is to remember. Players will also recognize hints from other great games. In addition to these familiar concepts, Chebache adds lots of strategy and excitement by presenting completely new playing strategies.

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